Mysterious Party

Join the mystery party in Lemon Island and experience the joy of Halloween!

On Halloween night, a black wind whistles through,

bringing mystery and wonder to the Lemon Island. But when night falls,

the atmosphere on the island is very different.

This Halloween night,

lemon craftsmen are all incarnated as various monsters and ghosts,

and they parade along the island’s trails in gorgeous Halloween costumes and ornate masks.

Everyone sang and danced happily and warmly greeted everyone who passed by.

The most famous attraction on the island is an abandoned lighthouse,

which is said to be a ghost habitat, and on Halloween night,

the lighthouse will emit a mysterious light,

attracting brave people to explore.

A little lemon craftsmen named Alice heard about the legend and, being curious,

decided to go to the lighthouse to find out.

She put on her elaborate Halloween costume, carried a small lantern, and walked in the black wind.

As she approached the lighthouse, she could feel a mysterious magic.

The top of the lighthouse gives off a faint light that illuminates the whole island.

Alice summoned her courage and climbed the steep stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

There, she is pleasantly surprised to find a mysterious party going on.

The top of the lighthouse is arranged like a palace for a ghost king,

decorated with flashing lights, ornate masks and Halloween decorations.

People danced to the sound of music, and laughter echoed in every corner of the lighthouse.

Alice joined the party and enjoyed the Halloween fun with the others.

She meets all kinds of people, from vampires to witches, each with a unique and interesting story to tell.

As the night progressed, the black wind died down and the party on the island slowly came to an end.

They reminisced about this wonderful evening together, said their goodbyes, and left the lighthouse full of joy and memories.

Alice returned home with a heart full of wonder and friendship.

Although the black wind had ceased,

Halloween night on the island had left a unique mark on her heart forever.

When she saw the lemon trees and the blue sea on the Lemon Island,

she always remembered that special night, the time she danced with monsters and magic.

Mysterious Party (Four)


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